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Many of our clients rely on us for strategic input for the growth of their management teams.  We have had great success referring W|P|Osborne Executive Search to our trusted clients to help with their senior hiring. Our clients have consistently given glowing feedback about the results of W|P|Osborne’s work. Both Taylor Leibow and our clients have benefitted greatly from our strategic partnership with W|P|Osborne. Nigel Jacobs, CEO - Taylor Leibow LLP
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Look inward before we start looking out for you.

Five questions to ask yourself before hiring an executive search firm.

    1. How critical is this role within your organization?
Here’s how we can help.
  2. How much time do you personally have to spend recruiting candidates for this role?
Here’s how we can help.
  3. Have you calculated the cost (or opportunity costs) of not filling this job for six months?
Here’s how we can help.
  4. Have you ever had a candidate turn down an offer after you have gone to the trouble of attracting them?
Here’s how we can help.
  5. Is it politically important for the recruitment to be conducted at arm’s-length?
Here’s how we can help.

1. Strategic Partner for a strategic hire

The more critical the role you wish to fill, the more important it is to know that you have tapped the entire candidate pool. Our search success comes from identifying the 90% of all potential candidates who don't respond to traditional recruiting methods. When hiring to fill senior positions, it is important to know every qualified prospect has been contacted or considered. Traditional, “passive” recruitment methods such as advertising and word-of-mouth produce only 10% of the total candidates who might qualify for your search. They miss the 90% of executives who are not actively looking for new challenges.

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2. Make better use of your time

As you are well aware undertaking a search involves a tremendous time commitment. At W|P|Osborne we have the resources to ensure the process is dealt with to ensure that the process is completed in a timely and effective manner. As your strategic partner we send you only the best pre-qualified candidates to ensure that your time is well spent.

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3. Time is money

Delays in filling a critical role can lead to real costs for your organization. Costs related to: missed sales opportunities, use of interim management, low employee moral, and quality of service are often overlooked when considering the benefit of a hire. Our search professionals can have qualified candidates to present to you in four to six weeks --- eliminating months off the time required for most corporate searches.

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4. Increase your success rate

Have you ever spent months recruiting the ideal candidate only to have them reject your offer? Partnering with us will not only improve your chances of identifying superior candidates – it will also increase your chance of attracting them and negotiating a successful offer. We maintain consistent two-way communication with the candidate throughout the process to eliminate last-minute surprises, and to ensure a clear win for all parties.

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5. Recruitment is arm's-length

Many clients retain us in order to have experienced, arm’s-length professionals involved in their recruitment process. This third party involvement ensures all candidates – internal and external – are treated fairly and equally. Additionally, engaging a third party firm provides you access to your competitors and direct market feedback from the field.

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