What We Do

We delve deeply into the needs, corporate culture, and character of our clients in order to understand their talent requirements. We then deliver best in class search methodology, market insight and tap into a high performing talent pool through our network, connections and research. We work diligently to ensure our recruitment strategies lead to a diverse and inclusive candidate pool that represents the communities our clients invest in. Ultimately, we uncover the ideal candidate with the right breadth of experience, personal style and the ability to make an immediate and long term contribution to our client’s culture, mission & vision.

How We Do It

Not only do we we utilize traditional online platforms and social media tools to search for candidates, but we identify a comprehensive list of the right companies and suitable candidates through our extensive research processes, and follow through with proactive outreach through various means in order to target top industry professionals for each unique search.

Power of Partnership

Strategic partner for
a strategic hire

Traditional, “passive” recruitment methods such as advertising and word-of-mouth produce only 10% of the total candidates who might qualify for your search. They miss the 90% of executives who are not actively looking for new challenges. At W|P|Osborne, our success comes from tapping the entire candidate pool through strategic, thorough processes.

We focus on your talent needs, you focus on your business

Undertaking a search involves a tremendous time commitment. As your strategic partner, we send you only the best pre-qualified candidates to ensure that your time is well spent by utilizing our extensive resources to ensure that the process is completed in a timely and effective manner. We give it our full attention, so you don’t have to.

Dedicated recruitment, increased success rate

Partnering with us will not only improve your chances of identifying superior candidates – it will also increase your chance of attracting them and negotiating a successful offer. With our professional service, you maintain consistent two-way communication with the candidate throughout the process to eliminate last-minute surprises and to ensure a clear win for all parties.


Our search addresses the complex needs of both client and candidate, taking account of every detail through extensive analysis to generate a high margin of success. By assessing the company’s industry, values, and talent needs, we are able to identify key competencies and success factors in our candidates to set expectations and develop thorough profiles appropriately.

Strategic Search

Going beyond the personal details, our industry insights allow us to critically assess the key performance indicators within the required role. We utilize deep market studies, search plans, and customized research. During this process, we use industry feedback and our own assessments to re-align where necessary to ensure both current and future success.

Selection Process

To save our clients time and ensure that candidates meet our exacting standards, we conduct rigorous interviews and screening on your behalf. This way, you are presented with a curated shortlist that best aligns to the position and the your organization.

Client Evaluation

Once we’ve cultivated an exceptional shortlist of suitable candidates, we coordinate with our clients to introduce both parties. Once clients have conducted personal interviews with our shortlist candidates, we arrange a post-interview debrief to allow for feedback.


After addressing any final concerns, we assist in the final stages of the hiring process, as well as onboarding for the chosen candidate. This includes conducting reference checks, offer negotiations, transitions, and an ongoing relationship with both client and candidate to ensure success for all parties.

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